Thursday, February 20


Sunday, February 16

"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."

Helen Keller

Now that it's passed, I'll be honest, Valentine's isn't my favorite holiday.  So today, after days upon days of rain, the sun popped out and it inspired me to clear out the bus shelter and make way for bouquets that celebrate the sun and our steady march towards spring.

You can now find sweet little mini bouquets in precious white ceramic vases that are perfect for a desk at work; tall, cheerful, and bright daffodil bouquets (my husband has one in his office at work and says it smells amazing); and a couple larger bouquets that capture this magical turn in the seasons.




For years now, I've been fantasizing about a bigger, brighter farmstand.  A farmstand my customers could step inside, with bright white walls, whimsical lighting, chest-high shelves for displaying large, showy flower arrangements.  A stand to match the big dramatic designs which I love to create.  The dream stand would be beautiful while still rustic side because, afterall, we are a farm.  
Last year, I even went as farm as polling customers as to whether we should build a new stand.  However, every time I'd begin sketching the new stand, I would have little pangs of grief.  What would I do with the old bus shelter farmstand?  The one in which I'd put grab-and-go boxes of veggies I sold on Craigslist when the children were babies. The shelter a woman regularly picked up large bags of kale for to make smoothies for her dear friend who was suffering with cancer.  The shelter where I snuggled with my children and anxiously awaited the school bus.  The shelter they built with my husband.  Oh, the memories! That's it.  The scrappy little bus shelter stays.
It may be short, it may be dark, there may not be a lot of room for it to hold my largest creations, it will never have air conditioning for those hot bouquet melting days, but it contains so many strings to my heart.  While you may pull up to our driveway and see flowers or perhaps see a rickety old bus shelter, I see my childrens' little feet swinging off the bench as they waited to be carried off the farm into the big, exciting world.  So, please understand that my plans and ideas for a new stand are on hold for awhile as I savor these memories.