Thanks for stopping and taking a peek at our website.  We're a specialty cut flower farm located at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Hockinson, Wa.

Committed to seasonal, local, seed-to-vase blooms, our flowers are available at our roadside stand.  

Our mobile flower truck, Flossie, will be parked on the farm for the season and unable to cruise around the county doing pop-ups until this global pandemic settles down.

Please take care and stay well, Friends!

See you soon, 





Have you all met Barn Dog? He also goes by Barney, Barnaby, and the Sheriff. He's 12 years old and a serious rule follower. He keeps a very close eye on his kids and frets if they get too rambunctious or stray out of sight. He's mentored and wrestled dozens of foster pups and quickly lets them know that chasing chickens and playing too rough in the house is not allowed. 

He's getting a little wobbly these days and stays close to his oldest humans. He no longer sleeps upstairs in his boy's room as coming downstairs is too scary with his creaky hips, but he gets exclusive couch privileges and always gets the best treats on his food. 

The younger dogs in his pack go wild in the flower field chasing each other through the tunnels crushing blooms and snapping stems so they're rarely allowed to work with Mom. Not Barney, he stays quietly at the end of the row nearest to me. Preferably half in the sun and half in the shade. He's the sweetest old guy and we cherish every moment we get with him.